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Cultural values in the conditions of social upheaval

In the present article, which concerns the fate of cultural property in arm conflicts, the authors discuss the particular features of an act of terrorism committed in respect of cultural property, and concepts used in the protection of cultural heritage during social conflicts.

V.D. Torosyan, I.V. Paltseva

Theory and history of art
Communication of a measure of conventionality and sense In the fine arts

The article is devoted to studying of nature of communication between a measure of conventionality and semantic filling in different types of the fine arts.

E.L. Balkind

Theory and history of art
The concept and organization of the cycle “Etudes-caprices” Op. 10

For the first time in domestic and foreign musicology are considered “Etudes-caprices” by
Wieniawski op. 10, revealed substantial aspects and structural features of the cycle as a whole and each
part separately, revealed their performing resources. Recommendations on the interpretation of technical

S.I. Nesterov

Theory and history of art
Refraction of traditions of the third stream in a mass genre

The article is devoted to characteristic of the XX – XXI century the process of mixing language systems of the music of the academic tradition and jazz, manifesting itself in the genre of modern mass. The analysis of the works of Mass in Blue (Jazz Mass) of Will Todd and Jazz Mass for Saint Peters of Gregg Smith reveals the specific features of the music third stream.

A.E. Polishchuk

Tribune young scientist
Synthesis of colour, sound and dynamics in spatial creation of Aristarkh Lentulov

The transparent principle of the subject-spatial creation of early Lentulov – «a color-dinamics»,
concluded in the synthesis of color, sound and structure is perceived in the article.

O.A. Koroleva

Tribune young scientist
Traditions of Russian romance in the domestic pop song (to statement of problem)

Based on the identification of typical features of Russian classical romance traced the principles
of its implementation in the domestic pop song.

I.Sh. Aidamirova, T.F. Shak

Tribune young scientist
The old gods of the new Russ: iconography of the main characters in the pantheon of Russian neo-paganism in the works of contemporary Russian artists

The urgency is due to the growing popularity of neo-paganism in the modern world, in Russia.
The article discusses the iconography of the key characters in the Pantheon of Russian neo-paganism.
Material for research are the works by modern Russian artists. Conclusions are made about the sources
of the formation of images of the most popular deities.

A.I. Gizbrekht

Theory and history of culture
Information culture as a factor of transformation of the identity paradigm

The article focuses on the processes of change in the identity paradigm in the context of transforming society. Describes the processes that influence this phenomenon.

A.A. Lisenkova

Theory and history of culture
Protection of cultural heritage in Russia in the beginning XX: on the issue of the draft law “On the protection of antiquities”

The article analyzes the bill, which proposed to the state monuments protection system under the
auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Her organizational and legal structure consisted of the central
and district committees, archaeological, which included representatives of the scientific community and public
authorities. Defines the powers of the committees, funding sources, types of legal liability.

L.A. Karapetyan

Theory and history of culture
Important cultural aspect study internet communications as a factor of professional culture of self-realization of students

This article discussed some problematic issues of institutions of higher education information
policy. We propose an original method for the analysis of quantitative indicators of meaning-containing
elements of main navigation pages of the official websites, reveals the involvement of educational
institutions in designing promising socio-cultural situation.

M.V. Pinskaja

The «Cultural Studies Russian South» magazine

"The cultural life of the South of Russia" - Russian scientific quarterly journal, founded in 2002. December 1, 2015, the journal is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications, where must be published basic scientific results of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of candidate and doctor of Sciences.

The concept of the journal: the study and promotion of spiritual heritage, contemporary achievements of culture, science and art of the peoples of Russia, as well as strengthening cultural ties.

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