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Ideology and culture: the contradictory unity of past, present and future

Author summarizes the ideas and application of models for the integration of ideology and culture on mainstreaming and the formation of national ideology of the Russian state in the face of new challenges and threats.

N.G. Denisov

Theory and history of art
Philosophical aspects of musicology

 Ideas of structure of space and course of time make a basis of the worldview which dominate
in public consciousness of the epoch and which is fixed in various ways by philosophy and art. 

G.V. Rybintseva

Theory and history of art
Communication of a measure of conventionality and sense In the fine arts

The article is devoted to studying of nature of communication between a measure of conventionality and semantic filling in different types of the fine arts.

E.L. Balkind

Theory and history of art
The concept and organization of the cycle “Etudes-caprices” Op. 10

For the first time in domestic and foreign musicology are considered “Etudes-caprices” by
Wieniawski op. 10, revealed substantial aspects and structural features of the cycle as a whole and each
part separately, revealed their performing resources. Recommendations on the interpretation of technical

S.I. Nesterov

Tribune young scientist
Sonata for violin and piano of ural composer Leonid Gurevich

The musical composition belongs to the early period of his creative work in Conservatoire and it currently exist in one-part version, it is published and performed the artists, also used in teaching practice. 

T.Y. Kadesnikova

Tribune young scientist
Synthesis of colour, sound and dynamics in spatial creation of Aristarkh Lentulov

The transparent principle of the subject-spatial creation of early Lentulov – «a color-dinamics»,
concluded in the synthesis of color, sound and structure is perceived in the article.

O.A. Koroleva

Tribune young scientist
Traditions of Russian romance in the domestic pop song (to statement of problem)

Based on the identification of typical features of Russian classical romance traced the principles
of its implementation in the domestic pop song.

I.Sh. Aidamirova, T.F. Shak

Theory and history of culture
Crimean landscapes: the unity of cultural and natural

 The article deals with the problem of a significant relationship of culture and nature through
the analysis of such phenomenon of human life, as a cultural and natural landscape. 

Theory and history of culture
Information culture as a factor of transformation of the identity paradigm

The article focuses on the processes of change in the identity paradigm in the context of transforming society. Describes the processes that influence this phenomenon.

A.A. Lisenkova

Theory and history of culture
Protection of cultural heritage in Russia in the beginning XX: on the issue of the draft law “On the protection of antiquities”

The article analyzes the bill, which proposed to the state monuments protection system under the
auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Her organizational and legal structure consisted of the central
and district committees, archaeological, which included representatives of the scientific community and public
authorities. Defines the powers of the committees, funding sources, types of legal liability.

L.A. Karapetyan

The «Cultural Studies Russian South» Journal

"Cultural Studies Russian South" - Russian scientific quarterly journal, founded in 2002. December 1, 2015, the journal is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications, where must be published basic scientific results of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of candidate and doctor of Sciences.

The concept of the journal: the study and promotion of spiritual heritage, contemporary achievements of culture, science and art of the peoples of Russia, as well as strengthening cultural ties.

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