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At civilizational crossroads (to the question about the scientific controversy around the civilizational dynamics in contemporary social processes)

The author generalizes the civilizational dynamics of social relations, reveals the discussion aspects
around the concepts and meanings of the civilizational approach to development. A special place is given
to the cultural and historical values of the Russian civilization in the unity of the past, present and future.

N.G. Denisov

Theory and history of art
The folk song in the creativity of P.I. Tchaikovsky: to the question of the genesis of compositional methods.

The article is devoted to one of the most important aspects of P.I. Tchaikovsky’s creative
heritage – the compositional methods of working with the Russian folk song. The author focuses on
the means of its arrangement, which the composer used.

A.V. Pchelintsev

Theory and history of art
Tiled stoves in rural manors of Kuban: questions of attribution

N.A. Gangur, A.G. Kurlyanchikov

Theory and history of art
Philosophical aspects of musicology

 Ideas of structure of space and course of time make a basis of the worldview which dominate
in public consciousness of the epoch and which is fixed in various ways by philosophy and art. 

G.V. Rybintseva

Tribune young scientist
The analogies of the Scythian art image of the plate from the mound Karagodeuashkh and flora of the North-West Caucasus

The article considers the similarity of the image of gold plate from the inventory of Kurgan
Karagodeuashkh with flora objects of North Caucasus.

M.A. Merinov

Tribune young scientist
Thematic processes in music of A. Pantykin: on the material of light-opera «Gogol, Chichikov, souls» and the film «Beyong the wolves»

As a result of a sketch analysis of musical themes, a single systemic principle of its
organization is revealed both in opera and in film music, which is proved by the composer ’s general
style approach to autonomous and applied music.

Е.B. Khavlina

Tribune young scientist
Sonata for violin and piano of ural composer Leonid Gurevich

The musical composition belongs to the early period of his creative work in Conservatoire and it currently exist in one-part version, it is published and performed the artists, also used in teaching practice. 

T.Y. Kadesnikova

Theory and history of culture
Culture as the basis of the civilizational potential of Russia

In the protracted reassessment of values that is taking place in Russia under the conditions
of a complex world situation, the importance of culture as a national asset, guarantee of state
sovereignty, is again realized. Culture as a soft power can become the core of not only a national
idea, but also a civilizational project for a world engulfed in violence and entangled in contradictions.

V.G. Torosyan

Theory and history of culture
The historical-cultural paradigm of the «island of peace» of the South-Eastern Baltia

The Russian region of the South-Eastern Baltia (Kaliningrad region) is an «island of peace», in which territory models of peaceful coexistence of peoples and cultures were often born. They were born as a response to the challenges of the time and among the raging sea of confrontation.

V.A. Shakhov

Theory and history of culture
Crimean landscapes: the unity of cultural and natural

 The article deals with the problem of a significant relationship of culture and nature through
the analysis of such phenomenon of human life, as a cultural and natural landscape. 

The «Cultural Studies Russian South» Journal

"Cultural Studies Russian South" - Russian scientific quarterly journal, founded in 2002. December 1, 2015, the journal is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications, where must be published basic scientific results of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of candidate and doctor of Sciences.

The concept of the journal: the study and promotion of spiritual heritage, contemporary achievements of culture, science and art of the peoples of Russia, as well as strengthening cultural ties.

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