Cultural Studies Russian South №4 (67), 2017

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From the editor

In the history of our country there is hardly a who would be deprived of the events, and the very different magnitude and importance. But in 1917 in this sense, is to highlight. Its key event – the Great Russian revolution.

S.S. Zengin

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Leading article

As initiator, coordinator and moderator of one of the first all-Russian scientific-practical conference
on mainstreaming and the formation of national ideology of the Russian state in the face of new challenges
and threats, the author summarizes the ideas and application of models for the integration of ideology and
culture on this issue.

Keywords: ideology, the state, society, nation, culture, values.

N.G. Denisov

Theory and history of art

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Philosophical aspects of musicology

Ideas of structure of space and course of time make a basis of the worldview which dominate
in public consciousness of the epoch and which is fixed in various ways by philosophy and art. Music
with its generalized character of images that gives possibility to present the ontological ideas in the
most intelligible form, has special potential in this process. The existence of ontological aspect permits
to consider musical art as an artistic parallel to the philosophical doctrines which explain the fundamental
principles of worldview.

Keywords: art, music, philosophy, ontology, worldview, space, time, image.

G.V. Rybintseva

стр. 18-20

Principles of renovation of musical-theatrical performance in the opera «Einstein on the beach» by F. Glass

The article describes the issue of opera genre renovation in the musical theater of the USA
the last third of the twentieth century. Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass opera considered like a
milestone piece for the American musical theater. The composition is considered from the point of view
how to use it new form performance. The author noted the most important dramaturgical patterns,
revealed the methods of immersing the viewer in the stage space, the principles of working with artistic
time are defined.

Keywords: musical theater of the late XX century, principles of opera renovation.

E.V. Kiseeva, L.G. Yeprikyan

стр. 21-27

Phenomenon of saxophone in music art the second half of the XIX century

In the framework of this article, historical processes that influenced the formation and evolution of the art of playing the saxophone in the second half of the 19th century are analyzed. The author notes that the popularization of this type of performance was facilitated not only by the introduction of the instrument into ensemble and orchestra practice, but also by professional training, which resulted in the formation of the first national schools and the appearance of a number of brilliant saxophonists-concertants whose activities were aimed at the creation of methodological and fiction literature. Early examples of composer creativity, considered in the work, are distinguished by a great genre variety, style synthesis and rather peculiar use of technical and expressive possibilities, in connection with which many opuses still form the basis of the modern repertoire.

Keywords: saxophone, saxophone performance, musical art, saxophone in musical art, musical art of the
second half of the XIX century.

A.M. Ponkina

стр. 27-31

Features drama pop songs in the genre of monology

In the article on the analysis of two performing interpretations of A. Pugacheva’s song «The Woman who sings», the parameters of adaptation of the general laws of musical drama to the genre of pop songs are determined.

Keywords: dramaturgy, song, monologue, interpretation, culmination.

I.V. Mayevskaya, T.F. Shak

стр. 31-34

Antonina Sigizmundovna Glasser – singer, teacher of the Saratov musical school

The article is an attempt of reconstruction of the performing and teaching activities of Antonina Sigizmundovna Glasser, which is one of the first teachers of the Saratov music school. On the basis of musicological evidence determines that performing the activity of the singer is characterized by high performance, have their own system of upbringing of the singer, one of the key points of which were competent selection of repertoire, taking into account the capabilities of the student.

Keywords: vocal Saratov school, Saratov branch of the Russian musical society, vocal repertoire, and
performance activities.

A.E. Rudjakova

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Evolution of visual communications in a designing process

Article opens the concept “visual communications” from the point of view of the evolutionary
development. Visual communication is considered as a process of transfer of visual information and his
influence on a designing process in graphic design. 

Keywords: visual communications, visual language, brand.

O.Yu. Prudovskaya

стр. 38-43

Features of art solutions of a sculptural and plastic décor in the sanatorium of the South of Russia – «Sochi» and «Russiya» of the period of 1940-1950-th

In the article are first examined the stylish features of architectural decor of sanatoriums
«Sochi» in the city Sochi and «Russiya» in the city Yalta, as bright content standards of health-resorts
in the South of Russia of the period 1940-1950th. An authorial look is expounded to the features of the
use of artistically-decorative elements of the facades, presented in these sanatory complexes: exter nal
exterior forms, sculptural and sculptured decorative elements, and also their comparative analysis are
conducted. An author exposes the most meaningful attributes, forms, symbols of decor, sculptures
presented in architecture of sanatory ensembles, gives description of the artistically-semantic and
epochal loading of architectural composition of the investigated sanatoriums. Stylish belonging is set,
as symbiosis of classical and soviet architectural heritage is in building of the recreational setting.

Keywords: sanatoriums of South of Russia, recreational complex, soviet architectures, architectural
decor, artistically-decorative elements.

Е.S. Shyntyapina

Theory and history of culture

стр. 44-46

Domestic theatrical culture in the context of moral values of postmodernism

Actuality of the article is a cultural analysis of the tension between traditional moral values of Russian theatre culture and the realities of our time. The article determines the direction of novelty in the cultural and art research, what is its scientific significance and value of the proposed findings and approaches to the problem. 

Keywords: theatrical culture, values, postmodernism, the Stanislavsky system, simulacrum.

E.A. Naidenko, M.K. Naidenko

стр. 47-57

Crimean landscapes: the unity of cultural and natural

The article deals with the problem of a significant relationship of culture and nature through
the analysis of such phenomenon of human life, as a cultural and natural landscape. The notion of
cultural and natural landscape as for the organic unity of purposefully-transforming human activities
and the natural environment are pointed. It is represented a holistic, geographically decorated cultural
and natural formation, which is inextricably linked and interact with the human and natural. The main
features of the cultural and natural landscape of the Crimea are considered. We draw attention to the
relatively autonomous peninsular nature and a small size of the Crimean territory, climatic attractiveness,
the development of human since the ancient times, multi-ethnic and multi-religious composition of the
population, the intensity of intercultural contacts, the inevitable «crossroads» and the interpenetration
of cultures. This is the reason of such features of cultural and natural landscapes of the Crimea, as
a unique combination of interrelated natural and cultural components; eclectic and interweaving of
different cultural traditions; lack of clear cultural areas; unique sense and spiritual components that
determine consciousness and world view as the representatives of the Crimean integrated multi-ethnic

Keywords: landscape, natural landscape, cultural landscape, cultural and natural landscape, autonomy,
multi-ethnicity, the interpenetration of cultures.

V.V. Novoselskaya

стр. 57-60

Cultural hybridity under the conditions of urbanistic landscape

Within the framework of cultural communication, hybridism is a transcultural form that arises from a cross-cultural dialogue. Cultural hybridity in different spaces is represented in different versions. The authors analyze the phenomenon of cultural hybridity in the example of the Lower Volga region in the south of Russia, Harbin in China and Chinatown in the USA.

Keywords: cultural hybridity, сultural encounters, Russia, China, Astrakhan, Lower Volga region,
Chinatown, Harbin.

A.Yu. Meshcheryakov, O.S. Yakushenkova

стр. 60-64

Transformation of the problem of dialogue in the modern communication space

The article analyzes how the problem of dialogue was interpreted in traditional culture, as well as identified a number of problematic moments of its transformed state, associated with changes occurring in the modern communication space.

Keywords: communication, dialogue, traditional culture, postmodernism.

I.A. Apollonov, I.A. Chistilina

Culture and society

стр. 65-68

Contemporary problems of the organization concert-educational activity in Krasnodar

The article deals with the problems of concert and educational activity of cultural and leisure
organizations of the city of Krasnodar.

Keywords: concert-educational activity, musical enlightenment, forms of musical enlightenment.

E.V. Lascheva, A.V. Klivzonik

стр. 69-75

Reflection of musical culture of Kuban in periodicals of don of the end xix – the beginnings of the 20th century

Processes of origin of professional musical culture in the Kuban region (the end of XIX –
the beginning of the XX century) have practically not found the reflection in the remained archival
documents. Valuable factual information contains in publications of periodicals of that time. To a
research of the processes happening during this period in the musical culture of the Kuban region and
Black Sea province for the first time in the Kuban musicology the materials published on pages of the
Priazovsky Kray newspaper in Rostov-on-Don are attracted. The conclusion about historical value of
the studied data and need of their further studying and also about interference of musical cultures of
two neighboring regions – Kuban and Don is drawn.

Keywords: source study, musical culture of Kuban, regional press, musical journalism, Kuban region,
Black Sea province, Rostov-on-Don.

S.V. Anikienko

стр. 75-78

Realism and postmodernism in achievement of musical and performing authenticity of the art image

In the conditions of crisis of a world-wide and historical ideal art loses a support on realism
of facts of life and turns into the producer of art simulacra. In musical performing art this process finds
itself, in particular, in a look the drive re-intonationing of traditional musical texts.

Keywords: art, musical execution, postmodern, realism, style.

B.P. Borisov

стр. 78-81

Hype as a new way of presentation young people in a virtual environment

The article is devoted to the phenomenon of hype, which arose as a response to the constantly accelerating pace of life, as a mechanism for satisfying the need for uniqueness and autoprojectivity of a person in a virtual environment. The author reveals the characteristics of hype as a new phenomenon in the digital environment, creating additional opportunities for self-presentation of the person in virtual space.

Keywords: hype, virtual presentation, social networks, youth culture, autoprojectivity of a person.

A.Yu. Melnikova

Culture and education

стр. 82-85

Phenomenological constructs of the educational methodology

The introduction of information technologies at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries into
all spheres of human life and society led to an understanding of education as a purely informational
process, and discussions about its values and meanings by many began to be perceived as
disconnected from practice metaphysical speculation. But this goal setting contradicts the tradition al
Russian educational values, in the center of which is the personality of the learner. The article analyzes
the phenomenological aspects of education as systemic criteria for the development of pedagogical

Keywords: phenomenology of education, values of education, meanings, pedagogical technology.

E.P. Aleksandrov, V.M. Alekseev, E.V. Lashcheva

стр. 85-88

Children’s national songs and national songs for children in folklore: the general and specific

Recently in concert and pedagogical even more often there is a mixture of concepts of a
children’s national song and national song for children. Relatives on typology, in children’s folklore
they differ among themselves on art and creative tasks. In this article some questions of classification
of children’s national songs and their evolution are considered. The conclusion about need of inclusion
of children’s folklore in research process of domestic musicology is drawn.

Keywords: children’s folklore, national song, concert repertoire, children’s folklore collective.

E.A. Kuryachaya, S.V. Anikienko

Tribune of young scientist

стр. 89-95

Sonata for violin and piano of ural composer Leonid Gurevich

This article focuses on the Sonata for violin and piano of the Ural composer Leonid Gurevich.The musical composition belongs to the early period of his creative work in Conservatoire and itcurrently exist in one-part version, it is published and performed the artists, also used in teachingpractice. There is a need to study the conception of work with a view to attracting attention of a widerrange of performers and listeners to it in this context. In the course of studying music has beenidentified the main spheres of images of the Sonata: lyrical and contemplative and epic-heroic. Thecomposition is notable for expressive musical language and for brevity of form, simplicity of perceptionand it has written in the framework of classical-romantic tradition. The article is intended for musicartists, both performers and teachers, and directed to forming the creative interests of young musicians.

Keywords: chamber music, conception, trio, semantics, imitation, sonata, violin, piano, ensemble, lyrical, epic.

T.Y. Kadesnikova

Library science and documentary information

стр. 96-99

Scientific and methodical activities of V.N. Denisjev for retraining and professional development of librarians of the beginning of the 1930ies

In article gives organizational, structural transformations of additional library education of the early 1930s. One of the organizers and theoreticians of retraining and advanced training was V.N. Denisjev. The introduction of unknown works into scientific circulation made it possible to evaluate his contribution to the development of the concept of correspondence courses as an initial stage of library education, the creation of new programs for the retraining of librarians.

Keywords: history of librarianship, library education, library shots, scientific and pedagogical heritage,
V.N. Denisjev.

N.S. Ulanovskaya

стр. 99-103

The question of identification of scientific school in the library

The article deals with debatable issues of identification of scientific school in the library by analyzing the scientific activities of the outstanding Soviet library scientist V.F. Sakharov. For the first time made an attempt to substantiate the basis of their scientific school proposed its characteristics according to established criteria.

Keywords: scientific school in library science identification criteria.

E.V. Bakhtina

стр. 103-106

Specialties of information and communication blocks in cultural high schools: climbing and interaction

The article analyzes interdisciplinary connections and problems of rapprochement and interaction of documentary disciplines with related disciplines of the information and communication block, the features of their interaction in education are considered.

Keywords: interdisciplinarity, convergence, information and communication disciplines, text, document,
documentary education.

A.N. Dulatova, А.S. Matveeva, E.V. Ryumshina

стр. 106-109

Information features educational literarture on lexicography

The article analyzes the information potential of the educational literature on general andspecial lexicography published in Russia. The paper examines information features of this type ofliterature with a direct impact on information search and reference and bibliographic service.

Keywords: educational literature, lexicography, bibliography, lexicographic information resource, referenceand bibliographic service.

V.V. Goncharova

стр. 109-113

Address and specifying bibliographic references

The article represents a type diversity of virtual thematic lexicographic references of social
and humanitarian subjects. Virtual lexicographic reference is a reference of any type, made by reference
and bibliographic service, includes primary or secondary information.
The classification of this type of references is given in the article, is sown in the form of a table and
illustrated by numerous examples from the archives of made references of virtual reference services of
different types.

Keywords: bibliography, lexicography, lexicographic information resource, address reference, specifying
reference, reference and bibliographic service.

V.V. Goncharova

стр. 113-117

Address and specifying bibliographic references

The article represents a type diversity of virtual thematic lexicographic references of social and humanitarian subjects. Virtual lexicographic reference is a reference of any type, made by reference and bibliographic service, includes primary or secondary information. The classification of this type of references is given in the article, is sown in the form of a table and illustrated by numerous examples from the archives of made references of virtual reference services of different types.

Keywords: bibliography, lexicography, lexicographic information resource, address reference, specifying
reference, reference and bibliographic service.

V.V. Goncharova

стр. 113-117

Historical background of the development of libraries of the republic of Crimea as a public institute of inculturation personality

The article is devoted to the history of public libraries as cultural centers of Crimea duringthe 19th and early 20th centuries.

Keywords: public, scientific libraries of Crimea, the institutionalization of public library, the study ofthe Crimea, cultural impact of public libraries.

N.L. Golubeva, D.O. Smirnova, E.V. Sinchuk

стр. 117-120

Innovative activity of the public library: sociocultural aspect

The article touched on the activities of the public library as a social and cultural institution, the innovative character of the project activities of the Krasnodar territory library. 

Keywords: library innovations, the project library, social and cultural projection, Modelling standard of
the public libraries.

N.L. Golubeva, N.I. Ivanova, S.P. Samokhina

The cultural life of the regions

стр. 124-127

Circular dance «karagod» in the context of ritual and ceremonial culture of Belgorod region

The article deals with the ritual circular dance «karagod» in the investigation of the crossdisciplinary approach; it is pointed out that in the context of a ceremonial complex «karagod» regulates everyday life of the person, and also modeled identity of all ethnos. The author considers regional circular ritual dance «karagod» as a sign and symbolical system in the Russian traditional culture are put.

Keywords: traditional culture, region, ethnic group, ritual, dance, karagod.

M.N. Amelina

стр. 127-130

Method for placement of transport advertising

Method for creating advertising information presented as picture which includes set of layers
in a transparent flexible or rigid box is developed. The picture contains images map of the city, the
route of public transport with stops and location of retail outlets of any company (as logo). The
geography of advertising specified route, which pass through the city with many streets and avenues.

Keywords: transport advertising, layer, picture, box, route, city map, logo.

L.G. Tsybenova, Zh.B. Tsybenov

стр. 130-133

Design of demonstrative edition

Method comprises making of the visual edition for study of students is offered. The visual edition consist of a set of transparent sheets with the thematic fragments. The possibility of application of visual edition for a purpose of improve ability to understand the educational material by students is proved.

Keywords: visualization, instrument, education, method, layer.

L.G. Tsybenova, Zh.B. Tsybenov

стр. 134-136

Interpretating folk songs in modern stage style

The article describes modern stage interpretation of folk songs as a kind of their scenic embodiment. Experiments of modern performers that combine elements of traditional musical cultures with new trends in music are considered. There are examples of stage processing of folk songs based on the example of folk artist Pelageya.

Keywords: performing style, folklore, processing, stage, folk-rock, folk-fusion.

S.A. Zhiganova, G.N. Falko

стр. 137-140

Features of choral treatments of malorossian songs of Kontsevich G.M.

The article describes the learning of collection of Malorossian songs by G.M. Kontsevich in Kuban. The analysis of two songs in the choral processing of Kontsevich G.M., the specificity of the arrangement is noted. The conclusion about forms of interaction between academic and folk music in author’s choral arrangements of folk songs.

Keywords: Malorossian songs, folk songs collection, choral arrangements.

D.E. Poletaeva, V.S. Chernutskaya

стр. 140-144

Female images in i. Bunin’s «Temnye allei»: from external to internal

The article is devoted to the realization of love through poetic characterization of Bunin’s characters. On the material cycle of stories “Dark alleys” is considered a gallery of female types. The article attempts to identify the compliance of the external appearance of the heroines of their internal state. Explores the possibilities for color painting as a way to play the deep foundations of female character in literature Ivan Bunin. 

Keywords: Вunin, love, women, coloring, clothes.

N.I. Lishova

стр. 144-150

The concept and problem of the artistic integrity of the metacycle sonatas and partitas by I.S. Bach for violin solo

The relevance of the study is due to the extensive use of Bach’s works for violin solo in educational and concert practice and insufficient coverage of their content aspects in scientific and methodological literature. For the first time it is proved that six sonatas and Bach’s partitas for violin solo represent a complete metacycle, permeated with a system of thematic and tonal links, the unified logic of the dramatic process. The artistic conception of the metacycle is revealed, revealing the events of the annual Christian church calendar, regularities of the higher order form are determined.

Keywords: metacycle, concept, sonata, partita, symbol.

S.I. Nesterov

стр. 151-154

Kuban as agglomeration

The subject is relevant both in the theory, and in practice of territorial and urbanistic development of Kuban. In article agglomeration as trend and as the strategy of development for the city and region is analyzed. The author discusses a number of the contradictions connected with development of city life of modern Krasnodar. He sees the main prospect of development of Krasnodar and Kuban in agglomeration development Kuban.

Keywords: agglomeration, city, settlement, complex development of the territory.

V.Р. Gritsenko

стр. 154-157

Culture as economic trend

The article is devoted to the preproject of reconstruction of the embankment of Sochi of the German architect Manfred von Pentz. Irrespective of real implementation of this project, the authors of the article use this sample for modeling of economic thinking in society of post-industrial character. The cultural project and a brand act as the locomotive for economic feasibility in this model.

Keywords: humanitarian urbanistics, architecture, post-industrial trend, philosophy of regional branding.

V.Р. Gritsenko, T.Y. Danilchenko


стр. 158-161

Through the pages of the open international festival-contest of chamber music "Krasnodar camerata

Open international festival-competition of chamber music "Krasnodar the Camerata" has taken a worthy place among the competitions and festivals Krasnodar state the endowment of the Institute of culture. The festival is held under support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, administration of Municipal formation of Krasnodar, Association of chamber music International Union of musicians and regional public Fund "Russian performing art".

A.A. Predoljak