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Rules of the direction of scientific articles for the publication in the magazine "Cultural life of the South of Russia"

Editorial office of the regional scientific magazine "Cultural Life of the South of Russia" accepts earlier not published materials raising the theoretical and practical questions of humanitarian disciplines to consideration: cultural science, stories, pedagogics. The cost of one article to 6 pages of the computer text typed by the 14th size through one and a half computer intervals makes 4000 r. From 7 to 10 - 7500 r.The cost of each subsequent full or incomplete page makes 700 r.

Articles are provided in electronic form in a text editor of Word with listing in one copy. 

The directed materials surely have to contain the following elements:

1. Article including

– the UDC index reflecting subject of article;

– a surname and initials of the author (coauthors) in the Russian and English languages;

– the name of article (in the Russian and English languages);

– main part;

– the list of references in Russian and in Latin;

– the summary of article (4–5 offers) and keywords (5–9 words) in the Russian and English;

2. Data on the author in the Russian and English languages (a full name completely, a primary place of employment, an academic degree, the full official name of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, a position, contact information: e-mail, phone number with the indication of a code of the city, the postal address for sending an author's copy of the magazine);

Author's materials are provided the size of A 4 paper, in electronic form with the installations gathered in a text editor of Microsoft Office, Word 2007; Times New Roman font; a size of 14 pt, through 1,5 intervals.

Page setup standard: top and lower weeding – 2 cm, the left field – 3 cm, right – 1,5. A space of a new paragraph in the text – 1,25 cm. Pages are numbered automatically, headlines aren't created.

For emphasis of elements of the text it is allowed to use italics or semiboldface italics. Underlining of the text and free formatting aren't allowed.

Illustrations have to be presented by separate graphics (JPG format), are numbered (the Arab figures, through numbering), have to have the name and explanatory data (caption).

Tables also have to have the name reflecting them the contents them it is necessary to have directly after the paragraph in which they are mentioned for the first time. 

Notes and links to literature sources (including electronic resources of local and remote access) are made out in the form of the endnote list of bibliographic descriptions according to GOST 7.0.5-2008 "Bibliographic link". Numbering through in all text, as a mention. Serial number of bibliographic entry in the endnote link is dialed in square brackets at line with the text of the document, number of the page is specified through a comma: [1, page 106]. 

Examples of registration of endnote bibliographic links:


1. Bedash Yu. Prostranstvo kak problema postmetafisicheskoj filosofii [Prostranstvo as problem of post-metaphysical philosophy]// Topos. 2009. No. 1 (21). 

2. Wallerstein I. Geopolitics and Geoculture: Essays on the Changing World-System. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991.

3. Polyakova N.V. Modern concepts of geoculture in a global geopolitical antagonism. URL: http:// http://rudocs page=39#12787130

4. Lavrenova O.A. Spaces and meanings: semantics of a cultural landscape. M, 2010. 

5. Tikhonova A.Yu. Regional culture: experience of research. Ulyanovsk, 2007.

Edition reserves the right to reject article offered to the publication on the basis of non-compliance with the present requirements by the author.

Rules of reviewing of the scientific articles and materials directed for the publication to the "Cultural Life of the South of Russia" magazine

1. Все научные статьи подлежат обязательному рецензированию.

2. В рецензии должно быть указано: а) соответствуют ли содержание статьи ее названию, б) в какой мере статья соответствует современным достижениям в рассматриваемой области науки; в) методы и подходы в исследовании; г) целесообразность публикации статьи; д) описание достоинств и недостатков статьи.

3. Окончательное решение о публикации статьи принимается редакционным советом журнала.

4. После принятия редакционным советом журнала решения о допуске статьи к публикации ответственный секретарь информирует об этом автора и указывает сроки публикации.